Supawear is an Australian men’s underwear and swimwear brand that was conceived from the creators of 2Eros. Founded in 2012, Supawear provides men with sexy, fun and affordable essentials designed to make them feel like superheroes. The brand prides itself for offering “supa” quality and design, which is most definitely “not for the ordinary.”

Jason Hoeung, creative designer of Australian-based 2Eros, oversees the creative design for the Supawear brand. Hoeung, who studied graphic design at KVB Institute of Design and grew up with parents who owned a clothing company, attempts to translate the stylish, timeless and functional design of his other brand’s swimwear and underwear collections to the Supawear brand.

Supawear’s underwear collection comes in three basic styles: brief, trunk and mid trunk. The swimwear range comes in low-rise briefs. Supawear offers a variety of youthful, bright and superhero inspired color palettes as opposed to the typical, mainstream choices of men’s underwear and swimwear. The brand aims to create consistently unique and strikingly fashionable designs similar to the success of 2Eros.

In July 2012, Supawear released its first collections of underwear and swimwear including but not limited to the Supa-Man, Supa-Dupa and Supa-Sonic collections. The men’s underwear range is considerably priced ranging from $18-$24. The Supawear underwear collection is made from a soft fabric blend of cotton and features a bold representation of the Supawear logo.

In addition to offering men’s underwear and swimwear, Supawear offers a collection of matching caps with plans to expand its accessory line in the future.

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