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Skull & Bones

skull & bones mission is to give men more than just a flashy selection of undergarments and basics. we wanted to create a line that focused on beautiful prints, would treat each individual pair as a work of art, and would maintain the luxurious quality that men have come to expect.

as you have probably noticed, the men’s underwear and undergarment world has exploded with hundreds of new brands and options. never before have we as men had the opportunity to shape our sense of style all the way down to our underwear. but we wanted to be different.

unlike a lot of brands that promise their customers something cheesy to differentiate their products from the pack — gimmicks about magical waistbands, restructured flys, or the ability to get you laid — we obsessively focus on the construction and design of our products.

entry-level men’s underwear often feels as if it is designed for boys and feels cheap and overtly sexual. leave a little to the imagination, guys. these inexpensive undergarments look “fun,” but the fabric often feels like sandpaper. at the same time, the luxury market is full of superior fabrics, but the focus is on a few bland colors and an infinite sea of the same unflattering fits. there was, quite simply, no one tying luxury and excitement together for adult men.

contemporary men’s underwear fell flat. so we created skull & bones.

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